Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stitch Alchemy Paper Fabric Dolls I made...

When I took Melanie's Pretty Purse class, I had NO idea I would get to
meet a "real" author. Come to find out, Kelli Perkins was taking the same
class! After I realized who she was I couldn't wait
to tell her about the dolls I had made using her
technique. The blue one is a
mermaid, there's a lady & 2 w/very big heads, 1 has a
travel motif & 1 done w/
buttons & a ticket I aged w/coffee & sepia ink pad. This was a really fun technique. I had fabric drying on my studio floors all over the place. I've saved all my scrap pieces to use in scrapbook embellishing. The layers just made this come alive. She'll be teaching several classes in Chicago in August at the Cloth Paper Scissors event. I hope to take the one where you learn to take your photos and turn them into art on fabric.

Kelli Perkins Poetry Spool Class

As I posted last month, you have GOT to take a class from Kelli. I did the MIU class that she had...Poetry Spool. It is SO cute, makes a great gift for anyone. She's very funny and we all had a good time.

Melanie Testa Pretty Purse Class Pix

this was my 1st try @ free-motion quilting, I loved it! As I've previously stated, if you get a chance, take a class from her...she'll be in Chicago in August. Don't you just love the 'paperdolls' stencil I learned to make? I do, I made boys & girls. My mother was very impressed (and BELIVE ME, that's NO easy feat!)